Will It Ever Stop Raining?

It has been raining day in and day out since I finished a prospector’s course, do you think that would stop me from getting out and about?  Of course not, sometimes I believe (and my wife tells me) I have little common sense to be out in the rain, playing in mud and reliving my childhood.  As those who know me can attest I have always enjoyed a treasure hunt and now that all ‘rocks’ are part of the bounty I am hooked.  It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing a rock and trying to identify it.

So where was I off to this rainy day?

Location: 19T 5078495 N 662494 E
AKA: New Highway Construction – Route 8 out towards Marysville

I can just picture hardcore prospectors sitting back and looking at gossan centerfolds or how about a nice ore body.  It makes me laugh thinking about it, but then again I have been buying just that.  A book here and there, a few tools of the trade, etc.. It’s a nice distraction.

This trip didn’t produce any great finds with my untrained eye identifying primarily sandstones, and shales.  I was able to recover a few specimens from the roadway containing a few fossils, and a few hints of mica crystals and what appear as biotite.  I presume the ‘rust’ colour is derived from hints of pyrite. The biggest puzzling concern was this stuff is being used in the 3 inch for the foundation of the new highway, interrupted by much harder granite in other locations.  I’m not an engineer but given the differences in medium I’d have to think there will be some settling down the road.

All in all a nice walk in the rain… hopefully the rain will let up soon.



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