Encouraging Young Minds

Exciting times, this summer I have been asked to put on a demonstration for some kids at Shiktehawk Bible Camp near Bristol.  I believe the kids will be 10 – 12 years old, now I’m wondering what activities will hold their attention.  Here are a few things I have come up with;

–          Basics on rock/mineral identification, characteristics, colour, luster, streak, cleavage, lustre, etc.. I have some rock kits I can put on display as well.  I could come up with a matching game where after explaining basics kids could try and do their own identification.  This could be a ‘team’ event.

–          Pair up some kids and have them practice panning.  I have some gold samples.. but for practice fishing weights are much less pricey and have sufficient density.  I may be able to round up as many as 5-7 gold pans which if paired up would be 10-15 kids at a time.

–          Introduction to a sluice box.  How it works, how to use it, etc..  We could set up in the river for demos, and have small groups put to work.

–          Metal detecting basics.. and their use in prospecting.  I have a metal detector and a smaller pinpointer metal detector.  We could bury some treasures and set them loose and try to find them.  Supervision would be required with the big detector as it’s a pretty good size.

–          Technology tools.. and how they work together.  GPS, mapping software, maps, compass, internet research, etc..  How to stake a claim, claim requirements, etc..

If anyone has any other great ideas for kids let me know.  The above were just a few things off the top of my head.

Funny thing is I staked a claim covering the camp, now I wonder if I can use the labour of 100 kids towards the ‘work performed’ to keep the claim in good standing, and what exactly would their hourly rate be.. Forced child labour.. lol.. yes I’m joking.


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