For those who enjoy fishing I recommend bringing a gold pan along for the trip, fish may not be biting but there’s always some stream beds to play in.  What I would suggest throwing in a knapsack with fishing gear is a small black gold pan, a small folding shovel, a snuffer bottle and a small locking container or vial.  I also usually have my GPS with me in case I wish to mark the location.. or find my way back to the car.  I know in my area some landowners don’t take too kindly to prospectors, but carrying a fishing rod along doesn’t raise any suspicion, provided it is fishing season.

Snuffer bottles are used to remove gold, or other minerals of interest from your gold pan.  It acts as a little vacuum and sucks up material which can later be transfer into another small vial or container.  You can transport a fair bit of material in the snuffer bottle itself, but making a mess and losing your concentrate is possible.

Folding Shovel

A small folding shovel is a god send.  Mine folds up to about 8 inches in length and locks sufficiently.  Be sure to test the locking mechanism.. it’s worthless if it doesn’t lock properly.

A small 10 inch gold pan is sufficient for panning small quantities of material.  Great thing is if you are out fishing and would like to practice, you can use lead weights.  They are sufficiently dense, and already on hand.  Get a pan with riffles, I haven’t seen many without them these days.  I prefer black to green as I like the contrast if looking for colour.

In terms of a container, you can use just about anything which locks.  I like to have something to put concentrate or small samples in to take home for further panning or investigation.

There’s a number of other things you could take along, an identification book, log book, compass, sample bags, rock hammer, fly dope, machete, maps, eye loop, etc.. All kinds of options, but the above is a good start if just wishing to carry some extra ‘fishing’ gear along.


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