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Winter has been particularly cold this year in eastern Canada.  A hike in the woods with significant snowfall and cold temperatures isn’t all that enjoyable.  I have taken to staying home and watching a number of gold mining TV series.  The drama outside of the mining can be a little much.. but all in all they are all very entertaining series, some of which short-lived others in their 3rd season.

Here are a few I have watched or been watching, it should be noted that the show times in Canada lag by weeks to when they are available in the US.  If you are comfortable with downloading torrents you can download entire series or as each becomes available within hours of airing on TV.

Gold Rush Alaska – Now in it’s 3rd season follows a group of unemployed men from the US who make the trek to Alaska/Northern Canada to find their fortunes gold mining.  They are currently in the Klondike mining the Indian River / Quartz Creek claims. The series also follow a 17 year old, Parker running the show at the Big Nugget Mine and a father and son team, the Dakota boys at Porcupine Creek. What’s interesting is that you get to see a bit of variation in mining at each of the wash plants. A trommel is employed at one, a derocker at another, a shaker table at the other, but in the end they all catch gold with sluice boxes.

More Info: Gold Rush Wiki  Gold Rush Discovery

Bering Sea Gold – This series is primarily about dredging the Bering Sea for gold in Nome, Alaska, although there is one operation which is similar to a traditional wash plant on a barge employing an escavator.  What’s fascinating about this series is the amount of gold within a relatively small amount of material.  Lots of drama with a few questionable characters.

More Info: Bering Sea Wiki Bering Sea Discovery

Bamazon – So what do you get when a bunch of unemployed boys from Alabama head to the Amazon to go gold mining?  Bamazon!! Interesting to watch mind you there is only 8 episodes.  I hate to be a spoiler, but these guys I believe were destined to fail from the beginning. I think I spent all 8 episodes wondering how they thought this was a good idea.  I just hope the production of the show pays them a salary, they certainly need some help paying the bills.

More Info: Bamazon History Ch.

Jungle Gold – Ok.. so 2 former real estate guys head to Africa to mine for gold.  What could go wrong?  Let’s just say things work a little differently in Ghana compared to North America.  I found Jungle Gold and Bamazon was more about the struggle of working in a hostile enviornment rather that the mining itself.  Bother operations use fairly traditional mining methods.

More Info: Jungle Gold Wiki Jungle Gold Discovery

There are a few other series that are a little more obscure, one on National Geographic called ‘Diggers‘.  This one is about relic hunting with metal detectors which is also a hobby of mine.

More Info: Diggers National Geo

Keep warm!!


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